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Topics: Jay-Z, Beyoncé Knowles, B'Day Pages: 3 (951 words) Published: August 21, 2013
Rosetta Craft-Jones
English Comp I
Rough Draft

My song is Love on Top by Beyonce. Beyonce wrote love on top because she wanted to express how Jay Z makes her feel through the years on a daily basis through song. Throughout the years Beyonce has had different songs dedicated to different people but this is a first to the one she loves. Which is good thing because Beyonce and Jay Z are very private when it comes to there relationship. Which I’m going to give you briefing which led up to the song Love On Top.

( narrative) She had success in the past year of 2011, Beyonce won a Grammy for Love On Top for best dance in a video. Also during the performance at the Video Music Awards, while performing Love On Top she announced to Jay Z and the world she was pregnant (which was so spontaneous). She’s also happy about how there able to keep the tabloids out of there life and they keep things to them selves. Which has been that way since there courtship began in 2002. Beyonce was so head over heels with Jay Z she moved from Houston to NY.

(example) When Jay Z and Beyonce met it was for a song collaboration for the song 02 Bonnie and Clyde. There where speculations then but it wasn’t confirmed until the song collaboration Crazy In Love came out that they where announced as a official couple. The couple went on to do other collaborations such as That’s how you like It and Upgrade you. The couple came together in song to express there feelings for each other, But love on Top was Beyonce’s dedication solo song to JayZ. They are truly a power house couple.

(description) By Beyonce announcing the pregnancy of there baby on the Video Music Awards while performing Love On Top to Jay Z was a heartfelt moment. Due to Beyonce miscarrying the couples first child just two years prior. Despite the rumors baby girl Blue Ivey came in this World in January 2012. Jay Z has always made beyonce happy you can tell by how she enhanced his career to ownership for his...
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