Seabiscuit: Movie Summary

Topics: Horse racing, Horse, Great Depression Pages: 1 (337 words) Published: April 18, 2007
Today, I would like to introduce a film to all of you. It is called ¡§Seabiscuit¡¨. The story background was the Great Depression in America. In 1937, America was in the seventh year of the most catastrophic decade in its history. The economy had come crashing down, and millions upon millions of people had been torn loose from their jobs, their savings, their homes. The most brash of peoples was seized by despair, fatalism, and fear. This is a story about a country whose dreams had been shattered, and how Seabiscuit became the hope, the hero of this nation. Seabiscuit was a descendent of a very famous racing horse, Man-O-War. But being beaten up again and again, the horse had grown stubborn and reckless and was on his way to being discarded. However, a horse trainer named Tom Smith, who was hired by a millionaire, Charles Howard, saw something special in this horse. In the hands of Howard, his trainer and his new jockey, Pollard, the indomitable spirit sensed in Seabiscuit took hold of him. Seabiscuit won race after race. He gave hope to all those people who suffered in the Great Depression. He was not just a racehorse anymore. He became the hero of the America. I think this is a very inspirational film. This story has taught a lot about believing in yourself no matter who puts you down. I like Seabiscuit a lot. Seabiscuit faced a lot of difficulties in his life. However, he managed to conquer them. He overcame injuries that were said to be career ending. He beat the racehorse, War Admiral, who almost never lost a race. If you don¡¦t fight for your own dream, it will always only be a dream. If you just sit there and do nothing, your dream will never come true. The odds were incredible. The dream was impossible. But somehow, it actually happened. As years glided past, Seabiscuit became a part of history. However, the spirit of him will never die.
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