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Topics: Jack London, The Sea-Wolf, Meaning of life Pages: 3 (808 words) Published: February 4, 2012
SEA WOLF: A psychological adventure of: Fear, Authority and Intellect

By Patrick McKenzie

This essay is about how Wolf Larsen, the powerful captain of the Sea Wolf, a seal hunting vessel, and how he used fear, authority and intellect to terrorize his crew and keeps them under his control. I will explain these topics in three separate paragraphs. The first tells how he uses fear as a weapon to control his crew he makes them fearful of what might happen to them if they don’t listen to what he says. He doesn’t seem to find any meaning in his life except for his survival and uses anything at his disposal to confirm to his crew that he will stop at nothing and is brutal in his acts to demonstrate how little value he places on another’s life. His crew in an effort to appease his ego would inflict self punishment rather than face his wrath. He instills this fear with mercy less savage beatings. If he finds that any of his staff has any intellect at all he rewards treats them like lackeys and use them to do his dirty work. He separates them the so-called intelligent ones and have them fend for themselves rather than as a group. His next method is manipulation and he makes them work to his advantage, so that the outcome is always what he wants. Every time he exploits the smallest loop-holes to twist and distort people’s thoughts emotions and ideas to suit his idea. An example of this was when Leech, one of the crew members, tried to bring mutiny against Larson because Larsen had punched him earlier as he forced to become a boat-puller. He was also very mad at him for the savage beating he had delivered to his friend. Instead of attacking Leech directly, he made Leech take out his anger on a cook who was due for a punishment and needed to broken in. This put Cookie in a depression which greater instilled Wolf Larsen’s ungodly personality as a person. Wolf would later punish cook directly by throwing him over the side of the ship, only to be dragged along and...
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