sea lions

Topics: Fishing, Salmon, Recreational fishing Pages: 1 (307 words) Published: October 23, 2013
Sea Lions
Laws protecting sea lions have been passed in order to keep these magnificent creatures alive and healthy. Although this is obviously an amazing thing, the rapidly increase number of the sea lions have created quite a problem for boat and dock owners. The initial number was 150 and the number today is 800-1000 resident seals and still increasing. The sea lions like to climb on to boats and docks, this can be a problem if too many decide to come aboard they could sink the boat. Another problem is the mess they make with their vomit and waste can cause damage to the boat. The sea lions can also be annoying to the people residing in New Port beach because of how close they are and how loud their barks can be. Fishermen are also being negatively affected because they are now competing for the fish, which is a main source of their diet. As more and more sea lions move in the more fish they will scare away. Some of these fish include prized salmon and steal head trout, which are very valuable to fishermen. They have even been know to follow sport fishing boats and literally steal the fish that have just been caught, straight off of the line. They will also follow the boats to wherever they are keeping the fish they catch and will raid the tanks. (1)

The sea lions are becoming a nuisance but there are some ways to take care of them without harming them. I think the idea of bringing in some sort of birth control to reduce reproduction could be a good idea with moderation. Another good idea I came across was scaring them with loud noises, this could help with the boat and dock problem. (1)

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