Sea Food

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Sea Food

The sun glinting off the water was almost too much for his eyes. He almost didn’t get up this morning, but it was too important to his brother. Russell was always the one who wanted to get up and do things, but Henry was the kind of person most at peace when he was sitting at home, watching a good show. If Russell wasn’t his older brother, Henry wouldn’t even know him, that’s how different they were. And one of Russell biggest hobbies was fishing and he made sure that Henry went with him every time so they could “bond”. Henry found this bothersome, they saw each other every day, what more could they have to say? They lived next to a pretty big lake so the trip wasn’t exciting and the fish never seemed to come out for the pair when Henry was present.

Now Henry knew the day of the fish was coming, but every week he worried and schemed and finally, on the night before, he accepted the inevitable. It was usually every Saturday, around six in the morning, when Russell would grab the radio, put it near Henry’s bed and blast Barracuda by Heart. And no matter how much Henry groaned and guffawed, Russell was consistent. And it was every Saturday that they would walk the half-mile to the lake, rent a boat, and sit for five hours not getting one nibble. Every Saturday but this one. Today everything was the same for the boys, the same half-mile walk, the same rented boat, but on this one unexceptional Saturday, the boys got a bite. It must have been the strongest fish either had encountered, and it was not resting. Henry’s pole was half way in the water when he finally let go, watching it wiz down into the depths of the lake. All Russell could do was laugh, but Henry knew it was no ordinary fish. That’s when the boat jerked and Russell went over. “RUSSELL”, Henry screamed, but his brother’s head did not emerge from the lake. He tentatively looked out at the spot his brother fell and no sooner did two scaly hands grab him and take him under. All Henry...
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