Topics: Oreo, Statistical hypothesis testing, Null hypothesis Pages: 2 (335 words) Published: April 28, 2014
Felicia Sutton, Lindsey Johnson, Liz Chichester
Stat Lab #3
We are trying to determine if double stuffed Oreo cookies actually have twice the filling than regular plain Oreo’s. The Oreo data is quantitative continuous data and we will be using a boxplot to compare the weight of each cookie’s filling.

5.81 – 3.44 = 2.37 2.46/3.44 = .688 .688(100) = 68.8 % The above statistics table shows that there is a 68.8% increase from the plain Oreo filling to the double stuffed Oreo filling.

H0 : m = 6.8 The mean weight of double stuffed Oreo’s is 6.8 grams. H1 : m ≠ 6.8 The mean weight of double stuffed Oreo’s is not 6.8 grams. Our critical values for this T-Test are 2.33 and -2.33. To conclude, at the a=.02 significance there is not sufficient evidence to retain the null hypothesis that m=6.8 grams.

We are 98% confident that the mean weight for the double stuffed Oreo filling lies within the lower bound of 5.75 grams to the upper bound of 5.89 grams. We will never know the true population mean because our sample is very limited. We would need to know the weight of all Oreo cookie fillings.

In conclusion, there is sufficient evidence that double stuffed Oreo cookies do not contain twice the filling of plain Oreo’s. Despite our limited sample of 200 cookies, we determined that there was a nearly 70% increase in amount of filling between the plain and double Oreo cookies. With a larger sample our results would have yielded a percentage closer to 100%. Based on our population we can say that the Oreo’s are not truly double stuffed. The hypothesis test supports this as well. With a hypothesis test we rejected the null hypothesis stating that the mean filling weight of double stuffed Oreos is equal to 6.8 grams. This builds upon our previous calculation that the filling is only about 70% more than a plain Oreo, and we can conclude that the mean weight is less than 6.8 grams. However with constructing a 98% confidence...
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