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Motivation is a habit that can be learned. Knowing that you want answers and results now, the solutions offered here are primarily on-the-spot strategies for getting into action. Motivation is indeed necessary in all human beings to enable them to do something successfully. Without motivation in itself, a person cannot do his or her job properly then it can overthrow its credibility as an employee whether they from public or private sector. A public servant should have motivation in order to make their work more efficient. Motivation also influence their desire to get more salary and higher rank. In this assignment, I am going to focus on motivation in public organization only. First of all, according to Psychology term, motivation is defined as the process that initiates, guides and maintains goal-oriented behaviours. Motivation is what causes us to act, whether it is getting a glass of water to reduce thirst or reading a book to gain knowledge. In every organization, motivation plays an important role to produce good employees. Before that, we need to know first what public organization is. Public organization is organizations owned or controlled by a government, including government authorities, instrumentalities, and enterprises. It is contrast to private organizations. Managers most often fulfil their organizational goals through the work of employees. In addition, managers supposed to have highly competent and productive staff members. Although many factors contribute to productivity, job performance is viewed to be the most influential one. Job performance itself is a function of four variables: ability, understanding of the task, environment, and motivation. Employees need to have the knowledge and tools that are required for the job as well as the will to do what is asked from them in order to perform well. Therefore, motivation can be generally connected with action and the understanding of motivation describes to be a key to the success of any public or private organization.

Important of Motivation
Importance of motivation can be divided into five which are productive use of resources, increased efficiency and output, achievement of goals, development of friendly relationships, and lastly stability in workforce.

In all organization work through physical, financial and human resources. The operation of physical and financial resources depends on the willingness of people to work. Motivation enables people to transform physical and financial resources into useful products. It helps management to get the best out of human as well as non-human resources.

Motivation allows people to work enthusiastically. Performance is a product of not only ability to do a task but the willingness to do the same with passion and enthusiasm. Motivation links the gap between the overall efficiency and output. This, helps in reducing the cost of operation.

Motivation causes goal fixed behaviour. It helps people to move in a desired route and earn rewards. In organizations, managers try to understand the needs of employees and institute appropriate incentive systems, accomplishment of goals in justly easy. If people are not properly motivated, no useful purpose can be served be planning, organizing and staffing functions.

Motivation brings employees nearer to organization. The needs of employees are met through attractive rewards, promotional opportunities, etc. employees begin to take more interest in organisational work. Their morals are high. They begin to think that the enterprise belongs to them and the interests of the enterprise are their interests and there is no difference between them. This helps in developing cordial relations between management and workers.

Attractive motivational schemes satisfy the needs of employees. As a result, their commitment to organisational work increases. Employees do their tasks loyally and enthusiastically, they are not...

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