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During the time period of 200 BCE to 1450 CE, the Silk Road was very,very important. The Silk Road was able to connect empires from the eastern part to the western part. While major items have been exchange in the the Silk Road spreaded religion, technology,ideas,styles of customs, and spreads of disease was always an occasion at the time. There were so much Continuity in the Silk road.For example, during the Silk Road people would travel and spread their culture and religion. people would spread Religion such as Buddhism and Christianity. Another thing that continued in in the Silk Road was the exchange of luxury goods. Goods such as gold, ivory, silk, fabric, shells, spices and etc. Another continuation of the Silk road was the spread of Disease. While people travel to different empire, people have diseases, it was passed through the whole Silk Road. They called it the Black Death. There were also changes in the Silk Road. During the 200 BCE the silk road the Roman Empire was a linked to the Han Dynasty. Both Empire where very rich and powerful.hey both were very important during the Pax Romana and also The Han Golden age. Another important change in the Silk Road was that around 600 BCE the Islamic Caliphate or the
Islamic Umayyad and the Abbasid empires supported the Silk Road.Very important because of the goods that were traded and the much more cultural interaction. During the Time of the Silk Round, Chinese did not fully support the Silk road Until around 1200 BCE Mongols took over Asia. The Mongols actually supported the Silk Road. The Mongols were relatable to the people who exchanged in the Silk Road. The Mongols would travelled to different territories to conquered while people traveled to different territories to trade luxury goods in the Silk Road. There were so much going on During the Silk Road. many changes and trades . The spread of religion and luxury trade was a crucial factor to the Silk Road. Technology was

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