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What do you think the key role of the police service is, and what skills do you bring to the service in order to execute that role’?

The roles of the police service are to maintain public order by combating organised crime, countering the threat of terrorism and acting against anti-social behaviour. Police officers work in collaboration with the communities in which they serve to maintain law and order and protect members of the public as well as their property and reduce the fear of crime. They work to support visible, accountable and responsive policing through empowering the public.

What is a crime?
You have committed a crime when you have done something wrong according to a criminal law and that is punishable by a court. Another term for crime is 'offence' or 'criminal offence'. A person who has committed a crime is called an 'offender'. If a person is thought to have committed a crime, they may be referred to as an 'alleged offender'. . Content

• extent of reading
• accuracy of knowledge
• breadth and depth of knowledge
• relevance of information
• sufficiency of evidence and documentation

2. Understanding
• understanding of problem or project
• judgement of significance of material
• awareness/understanding of different arguments in reading recognition of implications of evidence • ability to think critically
• grasp of relevant theory
• understanding of ethics and values relevant to reading and subject matter

3. Independence
• judgement and initiative in reading and research
• originality in use and interpretation of evidence
• development of argument
• independence in use of concepts and language

4. Style
• correctness of grammar and scholarly documentation
• organisation and presentation of material
• clarity of writing style
• originality and creativity of writing style
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