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Indian Official Statistics: Importance of various sectors in Indian Economy




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Indian Official Statistics
Main purpose of this blog is to interpret, analyze the Indian Official Data. This may help the researchers, competitive examination students like Indian Civil Services Aspirants. Methodological issues, better data collection methods as well as innovative analytic techniques would also be addressed. This will also validate the data/ estimates/ forecasts generated by more than one source about India.

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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Importance of various sectors in Indian Economy
The primary sector of the economy is the sector of an economy making direct use of natural resources. This includes agriculture, forestry and fishing, mining & quarrying. The secondary sector of the economy or industrial sector includes those economic sectors that create a finished, tangible product i.e. production of goods and construction. The tertiary sector of the economy (also known as the service sector or the service industry) is one of the three economic sectors, others being primary and secondary sectors. In the primary sector, they may consume the natural resourses and their reproduction may take many years. The industrial sector generally takes the output of the primary sector and manufactures finished goods. Many of these industries consume large quantities of energy and require factories and machinery to convert the raw materials into goods and products. They also produce waste materials and waste heat that may pose environmental problems or cause pollution. The Services Sector inter-alia includes subsectors like Trade; Hotels and Restaurants; Transport; Storage & warehousing; Communication; Banking and Insurance; Real Estate; Business services; Public administration and defence; Social and personal services; and Other services including Education, Medical and Health, Religious and Other Community Services, Legal Services, Recreation and Entertainment Services. Here below we present the share of GDP at constant (2004-05) prices for the various sectors/ sub-sectors for the year 2004-05 (Base Year) and for latest available years 2010-11 (Quick Estimates i.e. based on little less data) and for the year 2011-12 (Revised Estimate based on further less data being used to have advance estimates for the economic sectors).


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Share of GDP at (2004-05)


Indian Official Statistics: Importance of various sectors in Indian Economy



1. agriculture,forestry & fishing 1.1 agriculture 1.2 forestry & logging 1.3 fishing 2. mining & quarrying 3. manufacturing 3.1 registered 3.2 unregistered 4. electricity, gas & water supply 5. construction 6. trade, hotels & restaurant 6.1 trade 6.2 hotels & restaurants 7. transport,storage & communication 7.1 railways 7.2 transport by other means 7.3 storage 7.4 communication 8. financing,ins.,real estate & bus servs 8.1 banking & insurance 8.2 real est, O'ship of dwellings 9. community, social & pers. servs 9.1 public administration & defence 9.2 other services 10. GDP of All Sectors

19.0 16.0 2.1 0.9 2.9 15.3 9.8 5.4 2.1 7.7 16.1 14.6 1.5 8.4 1.0 5.7 0.1 1.7

QE 14.5 12.3 1.4 0.7 2.2 15.8 10.9 5.0 1.9 7.9 16.6 15.2 1.4 10.6 1.0 5.5 0.1 4.0

14.7 5.8 9.0 13.8 5.9 8.0 100.0

17.4 8.3 9.1 13.1 5.9 7.2 100.0


Share of GDP at (2004-05) Prices (% )
2004-05 2010-11 2011-12

Primary Sector Secondary Sector Tertiary sector or Service Sector

21.9 25.1 53.0

QE 16.8 25.6 57.7

RE 16.1 24.9 59.0


Indian Official Statistics: Importance of various sectors in Indian...
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