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Danielle Torres
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Kennedy Questions

1a) What commission did President Johnsons create after the assassination of President Kennedy? 1b) What was the commission’s task?
1c) What were the findings?
1d) What do you think about these findings?

(1a) President Johnson appointed that there would be an investigation on the assassination of Kennedy’s death. The said investigation was later called “the Warren Commission,” for it was led by the Chief Justice Earl Warren. They discovered that Kennedy’s killer was a man by the name of Lee Harvey Oswald. It was reported that Oswald had no assistance during this murder and was later killed by another man by the name of Jack Ruby. The Warren Commission was reviewed numerous times by the F.B.I., the Secret Service, and other authorities. (1b) The commission’s task was to do investigations on the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Hundreds of people were involved in the said commission. (1c) It was found that President Kennedy was shot twice. One bullet penetrated the back of his neck and the second entered somewhere in the right half of his head. Governor Connally was also hit with a bullet at the right side of his back. In total, three shots were fired all by Oswald. (1d) Personally, I think that it’s quite clear as to why this tragedy affected the whole country. It was obvious that Kennedy was a good—if not great—man who could promise so much more for the country. I believe that Johnson most likely carried out Kennedy’s wish—although I have not entirely studied the history of this event.
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