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Jacob Lauderdale

October 23, 2012

Democrat & Republican Debate

4th Block

When the time comes to vote every four years it’s important to know what your party stands for, whether you’re a democrat or republican. You don’t want to vote for a candidate or a party that you know nothing about. Some people don’t even know the meaning of democrat nor republican. The definition of a democrat is one who is for or supports democracy. The definition of a republican is someone who belongs or is apart of a republic. It’s apparent that there is a difference between these two definitions but there are a lot more differences besides the definition.

Republicans are considered to be conservative. When it comes to the economy they believe in a free market and increased spending. Republicans oppose the idea of gay marriage and are against abortion. They oppose the death penalty and believe in individual rights and justice. Democrats are liberals and believe in higher tax rates for higher income brackets. They support the idea of decreased spending and support gay marriage. They support the death penalty and community and social responsibility.

When it comes to voting these are keys things to look at before you make your decision. There are five major issues to look at when looking at both the republican and democrat party. These five issues are national defense, healthcare, energy, education, and the economy. Republicans believe in defending the home land, confronting global terrorism, nuclear threats, ballistic missile defense and intelligence communications. Democrats want to end the war in Iraq and in Afghanistan, preventing the spread and use of nuclear weapons, maintaining the worlds largest military, strengthening alliances and advancing universal values. When it comes to healthcare republicans want to put in reforms that will lower costs, end lawsuit abuse and will not promote healthcare quality. Democrats, on the other hand, they...
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