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Europe and the World Since 1815

Book Questions

The date for our class discussion on Alison Owings’ Frauen: German Women Recall the Third Reich will be announced after the Easter Break. It will be held during the week of April 8-12.

In preparation for the discussion, please read the book’s preface, introduction and the following interviews:

Frau Margarete Fischer, pp. 1-16

Frau Wilhelmine Haferkamp, pp. 17-31

Frau Liselotte Otting, pp. 68-82

Frau Ellen Frey, pp. 172-184

Frau Erna Tietz, pp. 266-283

Frau Anna Fest, pp. 313-341

Please answer the following ten (10) questions in preparation for our class discussion. Make sure that you type up your answers and give them to me before the discussion. Keep another copy for yourself so that you can refer to it during the class discussion. Important note: I will NOT accept handwritten answers or responses emailed me to after the class discussion.


1. What is the author’s background?

The author used to live in New York, where she quit her job. She went to southern Spain as a getaway to write a novel. Her name is also Alison Owings. She also speaks German as well as English.

2. What reasons does she give for embarking upon this book project? What are her motivations and what does she hope to accomplish?

She wanted to let the voices of Frau Popist’s generation be heard. Her motivations were Dr. Gordon A. Craig; he told her that it would wonderful idea if she would write a book. She hopes to accomplish that she can tell the story of the “average” women.

3. Does Owings have difficulty getting women to agree to be interviewed?

In my opinion I think she did have a little difficulty getting interviews. Because most of the women she needs to interview are on either on West or East Germany. Also before interviewing a woman that was in the Third Reich, she would have to be careful what she said beforehand, because if she would...
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