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By Mikester201 Apr 02, 2013 500 Words
To The Ghost (should she exist) of My Beloved Boom Box,

A Final Word

In retrospect, if I could change one thing, altar one aspect of our relationship in any way. It would be only that I put more effort into rationally prioritizing the importance of you and the other objects essential for my musical entertainment. For what are the other objects without you, merely a compression of sound sequences stored in a device to categorize and initiate the playback of them (also know as an iPod) and a collection of coiled copper wires surrounded by a rubber casing used as a means of transporting the previously mentioned sound sequences to be conceived by my human ears via your speakers (also know as an auxiliary chord). But most importantly they are inanimate, soulless, unconscious objects. Just a meaningless wire and a half-inch thick piece of technology, a cool looking paper weight at best. Not like you, you have feelings, you have emotions, you can make conscious observations. But an outside observer may argue, or openly ponder with the intention of sparing my feelings as arguing with a man in a depressed and vulnerable state of self awareness may become psychologically hazardous to the defendant, “What makes your boom box so special? Why is it not an inanimate, soulless, unconscious object just like the iPod and the auxiliary cable?” Logically speaking, you are nothing more than a bigger paper-weight, but to me you're more than that. To me you're more than just a mass-produced means of profiting comprised of a cheaply composed collection of circuits, plastic, and whatever speakers are made out of. Their is a deeper attraction, a supernatural attraction, an attraction that can't be explained through a means of measurement or experimentation. And that is my biggest regret over the course of our relationship. The fact that I allowed myself to escape my rational way of thinking and give life to an object that has none. The fact that I am sitting at my computer typing a letter to a conscious being that I know not to be conscious. Your consciousness is a creation of my consciousness, and only exists in my mind as long as I allow it to exist. Furthermore, this conclusion could and should be applied to any other supernatural being(s). And before I offend anyone of you who may be reading this (I am still speaking in second person but when I say “you” I am now referring to you, the reader, and no longer you, the unconscious boom box) I shall conclude what was initially a letter but has now become more or less a writing of self-reflection and possible inspiration to others by saying that I hope you and I can move forward from this boom box fiasco and progress into a mindset that perceives the boom box for what is really is. Just a boom box, and more importantly just an unconscious boom box.


Mike Bassil

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