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Manager’s Dilemma
* You are a manager of a restaurant. For the past few weeks, the restaurant, has received several complaints from customers about slow service. Although you do not want to compromise the quality of food, you needed to increase service speed, particularly during the busy lunch hour. Moreover, competition from nearby restaurants has intensified. You realized that you are facing a serious problem when the customer numbers were decreasing. How could you run the restaurant better? What Would You Do?

Working on a restaurant is not an easy job. It can be hot, dirty, and exhausting. Customers can be rude and demanding. And your work experiences are like to have been influenced by the skills and abilities of your manager. The reality facing today’s managers is that the world has changed. In all types of workplaces (restaurants, offices, retail stores, factories, etc), managers must deal with changing expectations and new ways of managing employees and organizing work

Why Are Managers Important?
A great boss can change your life, inspiring you to new heights both professionally and personally, and energizing you and your team to together overcome new challenges bigger than any one of you could tackle alone. * Organizations need their managerial skills and abilities more than ever in these uncertain, complex, and chaotic times. * As organizations deal with today’s challenges (worldwide economic climate, changing technology, ever-increasing globalization), managers play an important role in identifying critical issues and crafting responses * E.g.: John Zapp, general manager of several car dealerships in Oklahoma City, has struggled to keep his business afloat and profitable in the current economic environment, just as many other car dealers have * After four decades in the car business, Zapp understands that he’s the one calling the shots and his “call” right now is to focus on selling more used cars. How? By keeping inventory moving and by keeping his salespeople engaged through small cash payment rewards for hitting sales goals. His skills and abilities as a manager have been crucial in guiding his organization through these challenging times * They are critical to getting things done

* The person who creates and coordinates the workplace systems and conditions so that others can perform those tasks * Although he often pitches in when and where needed, his job is to ensure that all the employees are getting their jobs done so the organization can do what it’s in business to do. * If work isn’t getting done or as it should be, he’s also the one who must find out why and get things back on track * Managers do matter in organizations

* The most important variable in the employee productivity and loyalty isn’t pay or benefits or workplace environment, but the quality of the relationship between employees and supervisors – Gallup Organization * The way a company manages and engages its people can significantly affect its financial performance – Towers Watson * Managerial ability was important in creating organizational value

Who Are Managers and Where Do They Work?
* They can be under the 18 or over age 80
* They run larger corporation as well as entrepreneurial start-ups Where?
* They are found in government departments, hospitals, small business, not-for-profit agencies, museums, schools, and even such nontraditional organizations as political campaigns and music tours

Who Is a Manager?
* A manager is someone who coordinates and oversees the work of other people so that organizational goals can be accomplished. * Hi job is not about personal achievement – it’s about helping others do their work. * E.g.: coordinating the work activities of a team with people from different departments or even people outside the organization (temporary employees, organizational suppliers) * His work duties may...
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