Topics: Entropy, Energy, Second law of thermodynamics Pages: 1 (287 words) Published: December 9, 2012
October 19th,2007

Summary of "The Arrow of Time" and "DNA as Destiny," 75 Readings

According to K.C.Cole ("The Arrow of Time," 75 Readings), entropy is a very common phenomenon in the universe which can be change by giving energy though. Entropy is defied as the measurement of irreversible disorder. It grows naturally when time passes; on the other hand, once turning to entropy, the energy is not available to work anymore. Entropy not only exist physiologically but also sociologically; nevertheless, order do survive in the nature and life. Because things intent to go maximum of disorder due to the more ways toward it than toward order, we need to give efficient energy constantly to keep things in order. For the things which will cause more entropy, the energy needed to keep them in order is more and expected to be longer.

According to David Ewing Duncan ("DNA as Destiny," 75 Readings), the experience of DNA identification gives him a hint of how the genetic characters can reflect one’s risk of diseases, ancestry and expected lifespan. Because certain SNP related to certain disease, through the comparison of tester’s SNP to feature SNP of certain diseases, the scientists can predict whether the tester is more likely to develop some common diseases if they do not pay more attention to avoid them. In addition, due to the heritage of mtDNA among human, mtDNA reveal the clue of which ancestors had contribute to the tester’s DNA. Moreover, 77 SNPs has a close relationship with lifespan of people; hence, scientists can estimate the years that the tester can expect not to be sick or die excluding any possibilities caused by unchecked parts of DNA and unpredictable factors.
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