Topics: E-learning, Virtual learning environment, Learning management system Pages: 25 (5727 words) Published: October 19, 2013
E-Learning and the Changing Face
of Corporate Training
and Development
Max Zornada
As much as  is critical to a manufacturing supply chain environment, e-learning is critical in a knowledge
dependent supply chain environment.
Larry Pereira, Motorola
Internet technologies and the advent of e-learning applications in many organisations have made a fundamental difference to the way organisations deliver training and development content, activities and experiences to their employees. Some of the organisations at the forefront of deploying e-learning technologies have been global corporations and/or transaction processing intensive organisations, who typically have difficulties assembling their staff for traditional classroom based training activities, either due to logistical difficulties or because of the impact this would have on work flows and business continuity. Such organisations have developed approaches to e-learning and competency development that overcome the logistical problems of conventional training by making innovative use of e-learning. This paper examines the approaches used by several leading global, Australian and Asian organisations, including Cisco Systems, Motorola, Qantas and several others by drawing on a field study conducted by the writer during –. It attempts to identify some key emerging trends and practices in the field, and lessons that can be learnt from the experiences of organisations reviewed, for the successful deployment of e-learning strategies.

Key Words: e-learning, learning and content management systems, Australia and Asia Pacific
 Classification: , 

Since widespread internet access became available during the early to mid ’s, business has looked for opportunities to harness this new technology for its benefit.
Max Zornada is an Adjunct Lecturer at the Adelaide Graduate School of Business, The University of Adelaide, Australia
Managing Global Transitions  (): –

Max Zornada

This paper presents and discusses the results of the writer’s field based review of how several major corporations in Australia and in the Asia Pacific region more broadly are applying e-learning technologies to support the implementation of their training and development strategies. The applications observed and discussed range from the tentative first steps to make a single topic module available for study on the corporate intranet, through to sophisticated corporation wide learning and content management systems () deployed by Cisco and Motorola which are indicative of the substantial commitment to e-learning being made by these organisations.

Methodology and Approach
The findings and cases presented and discussed in this paper are based on a combination of:
• Field based interviews of managers at the organisations reviewed and review of e-learning practices.
• Information drawn from research reports into e-learning submitted by managers at some of the featured organisations, submitted as part of the assessment requirements for the writer’s e-business  subject in which these managers were students, in Adelaide, Hong Kong and Singapore.

• Desk based review of published literature in this field. Companies specifically referred to and included within the scope of this study include, Westpac Banking Corporation, Qantas Airways of Australia, Motorola, Cisco Systems Asia Pacific and the University of Adelaide.

The First Small Steps Towards E-Learning
The experiences of a major Australian bank, Westpac, are typical of the first steps to e-learning taken by many organisations.¹ During the late ’s the Australian Government introduced changes to legislation affecting the granting of credit. This was known as the Uniform Credit Code (). The impact of the legislative changes was that all staff involved in any aspect of decision making concerning credit were required to be familiar with the legislation and were required to make decisions in a manner consistent...
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