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By djremixboi Feb 16, 2011 376 Words
Brave New World ~Foreword by Aldous Huxley
To help you find the answers I have tried to use words directly from the foreword whenever possible. These questions are in order except for number eleven, which chronologically fits between questions 5 and 6.

1. What two limited options does Huxley offer to the Savage? Insane life in utopia, life of a primitive in an Indian village 2. Looking back, Huxley realizes he should have offered the Savage a third option; what is that third option? 3. For what purpose does Brave New World use science and technology? 4. According to the foreword, what is the theme of Brave New World? Its is the advancement of science as it affects human individuals 5. “The people who govern Brave New World may not be same, but they are not madmen, and their aim is to achieve stability that that carry out by scientific means 6. “A really efficient totalitarian state would be one in which the all-powerful executive of political bosses and their army of managers control a population of slaves who do not have to be coerced, because they love their servitude” 7. What is Huxley’s idea of the most important Manhattan Project of the future? vast government-sponsored enquiries into what the politicians and the participating scientists will call "the problem of happiness" -- in other words, the problem of making people love their servitude 8. These four steps must be accomplished in order to establish a love of servitude: a greatly improved technique of suggestion

a fully developed science of human differences
, a substitute for alcohol and the other narcotics, something at once less harmful and more pleasure-giving than gin or heroin a foolproof system of eugenic
9. “All things considered, it looks as though Utopia were far closer to us…Then I projected it to six hundred years into the future. Today it seems quite possible  that the horror may be upon us within a single century. 10. Huxley closes the foreword by stating the world has two choices for the future, what are those choices? Having a number of nations, militarized totalitarianism or supranational totalitarianism

11. According to Huxley, what is the catalyst for this need to change? 12. Need for stability

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