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NEW LONDON HIGH SCHOOL SUPPLY LIST 2011-12 School Year All students should have a box of Kleenex, paper, folders, notebooks, and pens/pencils for each class. Some teachers have listed specific supplies needed for their classes. See classes and supplies listed below: ART CLASSES

FOREIGN LANGUAGE German I – IV: Notebook, Folder or binder Spanish I: Notebook, Folder, Markers or Colored Pencils, Spanish/English Dictionary Spanish II, III, IV: Folder, 2 Notebook, Spanish/English Dictionary (Recommend Cassell’s – Un. Of Chicago, Harper-Collins) HEALTH

Art Classes: Sketch book/white paper, Bin to hold supplies, variety of paintbrushes, pencils, black pen, scissors, large eraser, and glue stick Jewelry/Textiles: Storage container or tackle box, Jewelers tool set (flat nose pliers, round nose pliers, and cutters), wire (24, 20, 18 gauges), sewing needles, scissors, and glue stick.

Health: Folder, Notebook, Markers or Colored Pencils MATHEMATICS Advanced Algebra-Trig: Calculator – Scientific Calculator – (TI 30XII) or Graphing Calculator (TI-84+ or TI-Nspire) (non-CAS version)

BUSINESS EDUCATION/MARKETING Accounting: Notebook, Folder, Calculator, Pen/Pencil Introduction to Business: Notebook, Folder, Pen Computer Applications: Notebook, Pencil Principals of Marketing: Notebook, Folder, Pen/Pencil Business Occupations: Notebook, Folder, 3-Ring Notebook, Pen Keyboarding: Notebook, Pen ENGLISH AP English: Pocket Dictionary (Up-to-Date), Durable Two Pocket Folder, Notebook, Loose Leaf Paper Communications I: 2” Three-ring binder, Notebook, Note cards, Pens, Pencils, Paper English Usage: 2” Three-ring Binder, Pocket Dictionary, Notebook Mass Communications: Pocket Folder, Notebook, Pens, Pencils, Paper World Literature: Journal Notebook to be used exclusively for class Creative Writing: Flash drive that is compatible between home computers and school computers

Algebra: Calculator – Scientific (Texas Instruments: TI-30X IIS) or Graphing (for students planning on...
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