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The Walt Disney Company (NYSE: DIS) is a leading media and entertainment conglomerate. The company is divided into five major business segments: Media Networks (including the ABC network), Parks and Resorts, Studio Entertainment (including Pixar), Consumer Products and Interactive Media. Under the leadership of its new CEO, Bob Iger, Disney has renewed its emphasis on its core strategy of creating and distributing attractive content for children and syndicating this content through its various entertainment channels. For example, when Disney produces a new movie, it continues to capitalize on the characters in the movie long after it has left the box office. Before the movie leaves theaters, the company will have already released a line of complementary toys and action figures. This is followed by the release of the movie on DVD and - depending on its popularity - a presence in Disney's theme parks or its own television show.

In line with this strategy of maximizing the value of its content, Disney recently began distributing its content in new ways, such as video-on-demand online and television shows formatted for video iPod users. Although distribution through these new mediums comes with significant risks of piracy, the migration of younger audiences (Disney's core customer base) away from traditional television to new media makes finding new ways to reach out to this demographic critically important. Disney has also invested $350 million to develop its own in-house video game development capabilities.

1 Company Overview 1.1 Major Sources of Revenue
1.2 Business Segments

2 Trends and Forces 2.1 Volatility of advertising revenues
2.2 Consistency in affiliate fees
2.3 Growing technology investments
2.4 Exposure to movie attendance
2.5 Slowing DVD business
2.6 Video games investment

3 Competitors

In another major acquisition, Disney purchased comic book company Marvel for $4 billion in cash and stock in 2009....
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