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What is it?

Discursive compositions are formal and usually written for your teacher. You usually have to explain whether you agree or disagree with some statement, what the advantages and disadvantages of something are, etc. You should use a new paragraph for each main point and use good connectors to link your sentences together.

Key things to remember:

1. make sure you do what the question asks you to do
2. use formal language
3. use good connecting words and phrases
4. present your argument clearly
5. give examples from REAL LIFE that clarify your theoretical points 6. use a new paragraph for each main point
7. only make points that are relevant to the question

Connectors / Linking words

In a discursive composition we use phrases to introduce new ideas and to connect them to the ideas that are coming next.
To introduce your first point
To begin with, ... In the first place, ... The first thing to take into account is ... To introduce a further point
Secondly, .. What is more, ... In addition to this, ... Another point to be made is that. To express causes and results
Because of this, ... This is due to ... As a result, ...
To express contrast
On the one hand, ... On the other hand, ... However, ... Despite ... To introduce a conclusion and express opinion
To conclude, ... In conclusion, ... I am convinced that ... I would argue that ...


Write a composition of between 120 and 180 words in an appropriate style on the topic: People should be encouraged to use public transport more.

Task 1: Read the answer to the writing task. Does the writer agree or disagree with the statement?

There is no doubt that traffic adds to pollution. Public transport offers a possible solution to the problem, since many people can be transported in one vehicle. The government has a responsibility to encourage the public to use buses and the underground more. However, there are a number of changes which...
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