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CBELD Lesson Plan Reflection

Content area: Emergency Medical Responders
Grade Level(s): Grades 11 and 12
How did you modify this lesson for English Learners? In this class with Early Intermediate EL, I modified my lesson plan by putting emphasis on accessing prior knowledge, modeling and demonstrating, teacher’s speech modification and offering more visual through the use of videos and PowerPoints. I assigned students to work with a partner (for think-pair-share or talking-partners) and strongly encouraged for collaborative group work after modeling the required task. Lastly, I redirect students having difficulty with content to complete a remediation form

Which scaffolding activities did you use? I used accessing prior knowledge, modeling and demonstrating, teacher’s speech modification, visuals through the use of videos and PowerPoints, collaborative grouping and think-pair-share or talking partners’ activity.

How did you use the scaffolding techniques and what was the rationale for choosing the ones you did? Were students engaged in the lesson? How do you know? I used accessing prior knowledge to find out what students already know and from there I relate the students learning to something in my background to better understand the language used. As much as possible, I used visuals and PowerPoints to explain each of the new words. I modeled and demonstrated the hands-on activates with the use of visual aids and techniques in order for the students to be successful. I allowed for collaborative group work to engage students, and assessed the final work products and group presentations by using an observation check list, which provided me records of what the students were doing during the grouping times.

Were students engaged in the lesson? How do you know? . Indeed, students were engaged in the groups as I observed them. They were comfortably preparing for a short role-play presentation to the class. I was able to check for understanding and engage in informal discussion as part of my formative assessment.

What evidence demonstrated learning by the English Learners? How did you evaluate that the students “go it”? I assessed their work by reviewing the notebooks and creating an atmosphere to allow for the students to repeat the material learned in a presentation. I also provided corrective feedback when I was observing students in groups.

What did you do to re-teach the students who did not “get it”? I reviewed the material that they did not understand, discussed how they could do it differently, and offered a re-teach by using the buddy system. I also re-taught the material in a different format, using more visuals, using of repetition and paraphrase, and language contextualization.

Reflect on the lesson. What went well? What would you do different next time? The lesson went well and the students were engaged and motivated. The cooperative groups allowed individual students to support each other and work together on a solution without the teacher watching every moment and they could build on each others’ understanding and knowledge. Next time, I will add additional scaffolding techniques and include additional questionings to promote reflection so that students think critically and to promote higher order of thinking.

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