Scripts for Checking Ports

Topics: Costs, Project management, Variable cost Pages: 13 (3724 words) Published: June 21, 2013
Objectives - Microsoft 2010

* Create a list of resources
* Assign resources to tasks
* Enter resource information
* Assign costs to resources and tasks
* Assign variable resource pay rates and costs rate tables

Resources are the people, equipment, and materials necessary to complete a task. MS Project focuses on two aspects of resources: availability and cost. Availability determines when a specific resource can work on a task and how much work they can do and cost refers to how much money will be required to pay for that resource.

MS Project works with two types of resources: work resources and material resources. Work resources are the people and equipment that do the work of the project. These can be a single individual, a group of people who have common skills (such as electrician), or equipment (such as a truck or diagnostic tool). Equipment resources need not be portable; they can be fixed, such as a conference room or lab. Material resources are consumables that you use up during the project, such as cabling or bricks.

We will be creating our resources and assigning them to tasks. Please follow all instructions carefully!

Adding Resources

1. Log onto Windows.
2. Open your completed file MyLab1b_XXX.mpp (or download the MyLab1b_XXX.mpp file from Doc Sharing.) Check the addendum at the end of this lesson to make sure that your beginning file is correct. 3. Save as MyLab2_XXX.mpp, where XXX are your initials.

It is important to note, that when entering resources in MS Project to NEVER add resources to a summary task. ONLY ADD RESOURCES TO THE WORK PACKAGES. When adding resources to summary tasks, MS Project will add the value of that resource to each work package below the summary and add that time to the resource's usage. This will affect both cost and potentially cause resource over-allocations. Also, MS Project does not add the value of the cost on some reports, when the resource is assigned at the summary task level.

Resources can be entered into Project in several different locations. The Assign Resources dialog box is one method. The Resource Sheet is another method and the Task Information box is a third method.

4. Make sure you have not clicked or highlighted any of the tasks in your project! 5. On the Resource tab, click on the Assign Resources button. It is the one with the "faces" on it.

The Assign Resources dialog box appears.
6. In the first Name field, type Project Manager and press enter. (Do not press Assign!) See Figure 1

Figure 1
7. After the first resource name as been entered, the selection moves to the next row. 8. Type Systems Manager and press enter. (Do not press Assign). 9. Type Systems Administrator and press enter. You should now have three resources displayed in the Assign Resources dialog box. Do NOT enter anything in the Units column and do not press Assign. 10. Click Close.

11. You can also enter resources on the Resource Sheet view, which is preferred. 12. From the Task tab, select the Down Arrow in the View dropdown on the words Gantt Chart.

13. Select Resource Sheet. The Resource Sheet displays the names you entered on the Assign Resources dialog box. Your screen should look similar to Figure 2. The values you see are default values when you create a resource.

Figure 2
14. Click in the Resource Name field below Systems Administrator. 15. Type Wiring Contractor and press enter. The name is entered along with the default information for that resource and the cursor should move to the next entry for a resource. 16. For Type, leave the default of work, since this is a work resource. Work resources are people and equipment. The other options are material and cost. 17. Type Financial Officer for the next resource and press enter. 18. Type Conference Room for the next resource and press enter. (Why is conference room a work resource...
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