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Good Morning! Ladies & Gentleman, The galaxy of intellectuals, invited guests, teachers & my dear friends, how different is this morning. Dear audience, today you will yourself discover as the colours of “UMANG” feast unfolds. Well, my first & foremost duty, on behalf of the Principal, Teaching staff & students we welcome you all to our 3rd Annual Function “UMANG”. We fell honored to have with us “Chief Guest” Mr.

1.Now we will have our traditional auspicious LAMP LIGHTENING ceremony as a tribute to Mother Saraswati ‘goddess of knowledge’ by our honorable Chief Guest Mr., school principal Mr. R.B. Mishra(Mother, we pray for your blessing with all humility, give us wisdom to make this world better place. May all human being live in harmony with nature and other forms of life. May the truth prevail, may the darkness of ignorance be swept away by the dawn of self-realization) 2.Without taking much of your time, permit us to start the programe

Song: Jungle Song
Audience, can you all feel some turbulence around here? It’s b’coz all the animals from Jungle have come here to dance on our Annual function. Please welcome our Little kids from Play Group & Nursery to dance on tune of “Jungle Song” & scare you all little. Song: Boogie – Woogie

Now welcome the tiny tots from Jr.Kg as they will teach the song “Boogie-Woogie” with lovely dance action. Song: Brazil
Have you ever been to Brazil for the Carnival? No. then be ready as our lovely students from Jr. Kg. will take you to the Brazilian Carnival through their dance on the tunes of “Brazil” Song: Jai Ho…

Audience, with a big round of applause, welcomes our kids from Sr. Kg. to shake their body on the song “Jai-ho…” Song: Gangam Style
Hey, all of you, now put on your dancing shoes and move along with lovely kids from Sr. Kg. on the tunes of “Gangam Style”. 1.That was indeed a lovely performance.
2.Now, hold your breath for another dance performance…… 3.I still fell like...
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