screen vs stage logbook

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Acting Stage V Screen Log Book
During the Christmas holiday period we were all set a task to research theatre pieces of our choice that could be adapted into films. The first session back from the Christmas break we all sat in a circle and shared our ideas, we then managed to get ourselves into groups based on the ideas that appealed to us. A student called Naomi and I had very similar ideas as we both looked at the film For Coloured Girls by Tyler Perry. This film stood out to me as the story is told in a very dramatic and abstract way. The film was adapted from Ntozake Shange's 1975 stage play ‘For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow Is Enuf’. Another student called Clement also had really similar ideas; he looked at the play ‘Feiffer's People’ which is also very dramatic and uniquely abstract. Both plays are based on women feeling unappreciated and abandoned by men, and also include sensitive issues such as rape, domestic violence, abortion and mental abuse. We liked both ideas so much that we could not decide which one to go with, so we had an idea that we could combine the two plays, and that was when we formed our group and came up with the name ‘Feiffer in Colour’. At the end of the session we all agreed to go back and watch For Coloured Girls and clips from Feiffer In Colour’ and each choose a scene that includes a monologue from each play that we would like to combine for our next meeting. The next time my group and I met up, we showcased our ideas based on the scenes that we chose to combine and our reasons for our decisions. We then agreed to combine the choreopoem "Somebody almost walked off with all my Stuff" from For Coloured Girls with the scene from Feiffer's people entitled "Dancer--Bernard--Three Men." The reason for this is that the two scenes both contain similar themes and subject matter, in that they both describe women who have lost something in the pursuit of love, companionship and sex. We then combined the dialogue of each scene in a way that it flows with single narrative story. We then wrote up the script using the characters that we felt would work well with our piece. We decided the theatre piece will take place in a small black box theatre, to increase intimacy and understanding. The scene will take place at a typical university party in 2014. We also drew out the stage and discussed lighting. Next we thought about ways to adapt this theatre piece to film. I introduced the idea that we could make up our own modern day story line but use the monologues from the scene to tell the story. Clement then came up with the idea of him playing a leading male character that cheats on his girlfriend with another female from a party and gets caught and throughout the scenes we would recite the monologues from the two plays. The ideas then came flowing and we made a group decision that the film scenes will be shot on location at a typical university in modern day 2014 and that each character will wear modern clothes. We then wrote up a film script based on this idea. At this point we finally had our final idea and script next we had to choose our characters. This was slightly difficult because the script is so abstract, at this stage it was hard to imagine what actor would work well with each character in the script. To make it easier, we all read out the script choosing random characters and eventually we was be able to imagine what the scene would be like and what actor would work well with each character. After choosing our characters we were now ready to start rehearsals. Rehearsals

Week 6: Script and Planning
In today’s rehearsal we focused on getting our lines right and connecting with our characters. Today was our first run through of the script in our characters; I approached the script with a very open mind to new ideas and suggestions as this was my first proper run through of the finished script. “In order to register these first impressions actors must be in a...

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