Scratch of a Pen, 1763

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Brandon Adams
Scratch of a Pen, 1763
#1. Colin Calloway states that the Treaty of Paris of 1763 was one of the causes of the American Revolutionary War. Identify and define all of the terms of the treaty as discussed in the book, how those terms affected the colonists and why this treaty is seen as the beginning of the journey to the American Revolutionary War.

After the Seven Years’ War was finally over Britain signed the Treaty of Paris of 1763, ultimately giving Britain an empire. Ridding North America of there French enemies, and pushing the Indians west to make room for colonists was be a test to everyone as an enormous amount of power had been obtained in a relatively short period of time. How the citizens would deal with the new power and freedom was quite predictable considering Britain will try to govern the colonies from across the Atlantic Ocean. This will ultimately lead to the colonists breaking away from the mother country, what we know today as the American Revolution.

Voting for political leaders, owning land, and being able to chose which religious group you and your family are a part of were just a few of the perks that colonists became accustomed to. However, their freedom did come at a hefty expense. Britain taxed the colonists for imported goods, especially on foreign products. For example the colonists were taxed 6 pence on West Indian products like sugar, rum and molasses. Yes, this tax was lowered to 3 pence to try and calm the colonists, but that was beside the point. Colonists did anything they could do to lower or eliminate taxes, including putting their ministers out of work to save the colonists’ tax money.

After the British government received word on Americans smuggling goods in and out of the country to avoid taxation the British Navy was told to clamp down on the colonists. Unfortunately, the British Army brought Yellow Fever with them, which killed many colonists, Indians, and the army itself. This angered...

Cited: Calloway, Colin G. The Scratch of a Pen: 1763 and the Transformation of North America. Oxford, England: Oxford UP, 2006. Print.
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