Scottsboro vs. Tom Robinson

Topics: Scottsboro Boys, White people, South Africa Pages: 1 (258 words) Published: January 25, 2009
Theses: Harper Lee used the Tom Robinson character to prove the injustice of the Scottsboro Trail.

I: Intro

II: About Tom Robinson’s case

III: About the Scottsboro case
The Scottsboro Boys case was among the most important in the history. It was taken to the united states Supreme Court twice.

IV: About the Similarities
The two trials share similarities in their setting, characters, and outcomes. The story of the Scottsboro boys is very similar to the case of Tom Robinson in the story To Kill a Mocking Bird. In The Scottsboro trials, nine boys were accused of assaulting two young girls. Six of those boys were accused of raping the two girls, Ruby Bates and Victoria Price. Victoria was the one to point out the six boys who had raped her. Tom Robinson was also accused of rape a girl, Mayella Ewell. Just like in the case of Tom Robinson, this town is just a racist as Maycomb. Over a hundred men stood outside the jail hoping for a good “lynching”, compared to the few who were outside of Maycomb’s jail.

V: About differences
In To Kill a Mockingbird, Harper Lee makes many connections to real events of the time period that she was writing about. The trial of Tom Robinson is directly related to the real life trail of the nine Scottsboro boys. Both these trails focus around the same circumstances, the rape of a white woman, by black men, with the white women’s word held above that of the black man’s.
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