Scottsboro Boys Trials

Topics: White people, Black people, Race and Ethnicity Pages: 3 (858 words) Published: December 31, 2010
Scottsboro Boys Trials

Life isn’t fair; especially in the case of the Scottsboro Boys Trial and in the book To Kill A Mockingbird. Both of these trials have very distinctive scenes and themes in common. For instance, the Scottsboro boys trial and to kill a mockingbird both took place in the 1930s and in Alabama. Also, in both cases white women accused the men of rape, and they ended up dying in jail. While both of theses cases clearly appear now to be so unjust and unfair, this was the norm during the 1930s.

In both of these trials the setting was the 1930s in Alabama, where there was an abundance of change and turmoil happening in America. Also, this was when segregation was outlawed but racial prejudice was still clearly apparent. During this time, America was in The Great Depression where millions of people lost their jobs, homes, businesses, land, and everything that made up their way of life. (Johnson, Historical Context: The Scottsboro Boys Trial) This demonstrates that it was a struggle to carry on without the necessities and people often helped each other and let people of different race to struggle more. “Don't you remember me, Mr. Cunningham? I'm Jean Louise Finch. You brought us some hickory nuts one early morning, remember? We had a talk. I went and got my daddy to come out and thank you.”(Lee 205) This happened when the big mob of Cunningham’s surrounded Atticus at the jailhouse for defending Tom Robinson. They ended leaving because Scout was talking to Mr.Cunningham, which made him remember that Atticus was a good man for defending him and accepting food instead of money. To end with, this period of time influenced the aspects and ways of life that people looked upon and changed it in many ways.

Furthermore, these cases also had lower class white females accusing black males of rape, leaving us with the conclusion that the word of a white always beat the word of a black in 1930. The accused claimed that they had not even been in the same...
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