Topics: United Kingdom, Scotland, European Union Pages: 4 (1087 words) Published: September 30, 2014
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English 1301
20 November 2013
Scotland’s currency
I understand how it feel to have my own wealth and being control by my parents. It’s painful. However, if staying with my parents is safe and they’re protective, why would I take a risk of running away from them in a dangerous place? I must be stupid right? Just like me, Scotland is acting a little crazy right now. They thinks that they had better separate from the United Kingdom because they are rich and strong enough to build up their new home. Yes, Scotland have so many rich resources such as oils and gases. But do they have enough reasons to say that they are capable of standing alone by themselves? Probably not. Whether Scotland should leave or still remain as part of the United Kingdom, it depends on the issues within. A Scottish king – James VI – inherited the English throne in 1603 and became king of the whole of Great Britain (Scotland, England and Wales) as well as Ireland. Their parliaments decided to unite politically a century later to form a single united country. (Law and Financial Markets Review 240). Scotland is a country and not ruled by England. They are partners in the United Kingdom. They have centuries of shared history, a common culture and have thoroughly interbred with each other. Scotland’s industry played a large role in the British Empire, and even since the empire’s decline they have enjoyed considerable clout as part of the U.K. In September 2014, the people of Scotland will be voting on whether they should become an independent country or still remain as part of the United Kingdom. One of the significant issue in the debate is the currency. The current currency system in the United Kingdom is a monetary union, an agreement by participating European Union member countries that includes protocols for the pooling of currency reserves and the introduction of a common currency. The central bank of Scotland is the Bank of England. Using Sterling in the United...
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