Scopes Trial Paper

Topics: Scopes Trial, Evolution, Creationism Pages: 4 (1712 words) Published: December 7, 2005
Political cartoons are used as a way to poke fun at the government, at authoritative or governmental personnel, or at different organizations and all of their followers. They had a major influence on the population of the city of Dayton, Tennessee, the entire nation, but most prominently on the Scopes trial itself. Many different kinds of political cartoons were aimed at many different ideas and people during the course of the trial and even in the years after the trial occurred. Political cartoons became a very popular way of expressing contempt or disappointment in the government and in other organizations and people surrounding the trial. Some of these cartoons targeted the city/town of Dayton, Tennessee as a whole, some targeted specific people, while others targeted groups of people or beings. An example of a cartoon targeting the city of Dayton, Tennessee is shown in example 1. This cartoon was written by Knott and was published in the Dallas News, a local newspaper in Dallas, Texas. In the cartoon, the man represents the city of Dayton and he is using the music box (the scopes trial) and the monkey as publicity to make money for the city. The city of Dayton is using the trial as a publicity stunt and "Playing it for all it's worth." This was also meant to say that the city would keep on going with collecting money off the Scopes Trial tourists until they either had no market and more or until they were run off by officers of a higher ranking than themselves. An example of a cartoon targeting a specific person is shown in example 2. This cartoon was written by Orr and was published in the Chicago Tribune. In the story of Don Juan Quijote, He ran away from home in search of the knight's dream, to go out in search of adventure and glory and to rescue the damsel in distress only to marry her and live happily ever after. He then found his adventure and ended up thinking that windmills were giants and flocks of sheep were armies. He ended up going...
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