Scope Statement

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Project Scope Statement
Project Name Project Number Project Manager Prioritization Owner(s) Statement of Work—Project Description and
Project Product This section is typically a detailed amplification of the project SOW and mission from the Project Charter. This also includes how you intent to accomplish the project. “We intend to do this. . . and here are the steps we intend to use to accomplish the project.” This section is typically a detailed amplification of the SOW product description from the Project Charter. What will the product of the project look like or what should it be able to do when completed? Project Deliverables What are the tangible outputs or services of this project? What big-picture items will have to be created or performed in order to accomplish the statement of work? These are the deliverables to be found in the WBS. Project Objectives What are the cost, schedule, and quality objectives of this project? Project Assumptions What are the assumptions on which the project is based? Project Constraints What are the major limiting factors that affect the project? Exclusions What are the boundaries of the project? What is to be included and what is to be excluded from the project? Acceptance Criteria Approval of the Charter, review and confirmation of approval by the Internal and External project team by 01 Feb 2014. Successful approval of the Business and Marketing Plan (Baseline) by 01 Feb 2014. Secure funding 01 Feb 2014.

Secure lease for building 10 Feb 2014.
Successful start the project marketing plan and develop investor program by 10 Feb 2014. Completion of the Plan and Design phase completed and accepted no later than 1 May 2014 for selection and ordering of furnishings. Successfully submit and obtain City building permits by 15 Jun 2014. Successful validation (100%) of training program 30 April 2014. Successfully secure line of credit by coffee suppliers, merchandising and pastry houses in area by 15 May 2014. Successful...
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