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Scope Statement (Version 1.0
Project Title: Project Management Intranet Site ProjectDate: February 19, 2013 Prepared by: Joe Schmoe| Project Justification”Tanner Blutig, CEO of Conglomerated Chaos Systems, Incorporated (CCSI), initiated the concept of this project being undertaken in order to assist the company in meeting its strategic goals. By utilizing the company’s current pool of experience and high level of expertise, the new intranet site will increase visibility of the company’s leading edge technology and software development to current and potential clients. It will also help reduce internal costs and improve profitability by providing standard tools, techniques, templates, and project management knowledge to all internal consultants. The budget for the project is $200,000. An additional $50,000 per year will be required for operational expenses after the project is completed. Estimated benefits are $250,000 each year. It is also important to focus on the system paying for itself within one year of its completion.------------------------------------------------- Product Characteristics and Requirements: 1. ------------------------------------------------- Templates and tools: The intranet site will allow authorized users to download files they can use to create project management documents and to help them use project management tools. These files will be in Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, Project, or in HTML or PDF format, as appropriate. 2. ------------------------------------------------- User submissions: Users will be encouraged to e-mail files with sample templates and tools to the Webmaster. The Webmaster will forward the files to the appropriate person for review and then post the files to the intranet site, if desired. 3. ------------------------------------------------- Articles: Articles posted on the intranet site will have appropriate copyright permission. The preferred format...

Links: The intranet site will include links with brief descriptions for at least 20 useful sites. The links will be categorized into meaningful groups. 8. Expert database: In order to deliver an Ask the Expert feature, the system must include and access a database of approved experts and their contact information. Users will be able to search for experts by pre-defined topics. 9. User Requests feature: The intranet site will include an application to solicit and process requests from users. 10. Intranet site design: An initial design of the new intranet site will include a site map, suggested formats, appropriate graphics, etc. The final design will incorporate comments from users on the initial design. 11. Intranet site content: The intranet site will include content for the templates and tools section, articles section, article retrieval section, links section, Ask the Expert section, User Requests feature, security, and payment features. 12. Test plan: The test plan will document how the intranet site will be tested, who will do the testing, and how bugs will be reported. 13. Promotion: A plan for promoting the intranet site will describe various approaches for soliciting inputs during design. The promotion plan will also announce the availability of the new intranet site. 14. Project benefit measurement plan: A project benefit plan will measure the financial value of the intranet site. |
Project Success Criteria:
Our goal is to complete this project within six months for no more than $140,000. The project sponsor, Joe Fleming, has emphasized the importance of the project paying for itself within one year after the intranet site is complete. To meet this financial goal, the intranet site must have strong user inputs. We must also develop a method for capturing the benefits while the intranet site is being developed and tested, and after it is rolled out. If the project takes a little longer to complete or costs a little more than planned, the firm will still view it as a success if it has a good payback and helps promote the firms image as an excellent consulting organization. |
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