Scope of E Commerce in Consumer Durables

Topics: Whirlpool Corporation, Brand, Home appliance Pages: 46 (12142 words) Published: April 9, 2011
Summer Internship Program – 2010

“Scoping the strategy on E-commerce for Whirlpool of India” At

CORPORATE GUIDE: FACULTY GUIDE: Mr. Girish Banwait Ms. Ritu Khanna (General Manager- Institutional Sales) Faculty, Gurgaon Whirlpool of India Ltd, Gurgaon
Shubhangi Singh
Roll no PG20095358 (PGP 09-11)

This is to certify that this project report entitled “SCOPING THE STRATEGY ON E-COMMERCE FOR WHIRLPOOL OF INDIA” is a record of project work done independently by Shubhangi Singh, under my guidance & supervision and that it has not previously formed the basis for the award of any degree, fellowship or associate ship to her.


(Mr. Girish Banwait)


I hereby declare that this project work titled “SCOPING THE STRATEGY ON E-COMMERCE FOR WHIRLPOOL OF INDIA” conducted at WHIRLPOOL of INDIA is submitted by me to IILM Institute of Higher Education in partial fulfillment of requirements of MBA program is a bonafide work carried by me under the guidance of Ms. Ritu Khanna and Mr. Girish Banwait.

This has not been submitted earlier to any other university or Institution for the award of any degree/diploma/certificate or published any time before.

Shubhangi Singh
PGDM (PG20095358)
PGP 09-11
IILM, Gurgaon


I would  like  to  express  my  sincere  thanks to my Project Guide Mr. Girish Banwait (GM-Institutional sales) for his guidance and support throughout my training at Whirlpool of India Ltd. His calm demeanor and willingness to teach has been a great help in my successfully completing the project. My learning has been immeasurable and working under him was a great experience. I extend my sincere thanks to all the staff members of Whirlpool for providing a very hospitable and helpful work environment and making my summer training an exciting and memorable event. My heartfelt gratitude to respected Faculty Guide,

Ms. Ritu Khanna. Without her continuous help the project would not have been materialized in the present form. Her valuable suggestions helped me at every step.
Finally, I thank our Institute IILM Institute of Higher Education for making this experience of summer training in an esteemed organization like Whirlpool of India Ltd.

Shubhangi Singh


Marketing plays pivotal role in today’s business scenario in consumer durable Company, when there is such a high competition in the market.

The emphasis in the project is providing the study and an insight into Indian Consumer Durable Business Scenario. The Summer Project is designed to provide participation of PGP program as on the job experience. This has given a chance to try and apply the academic knowledge and gain insight into corporate culture. This helps in developing decision-making abilities and emphasizes on active participation by the student.

I undertook my Project in Whirlpool of India ltd, a leading consumer durable company. During the training, I worked on the project “SCOPING THE STRATEGY ON E-COMMERCE FOR WHIRLPOOL OF INDIA in...
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