Scope of Work

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Natural History Museum
Landscaping Contractor – Statement of Work


The Natural History Museum has sought to seek a Landscaping Contractor to maintain the 15 acre lawn and the remaining trees, bushes, and flower gardens. This project is conducted in an effort to improve the overall look and quality of the museum and will add a different level of enjoyment outside the standard exhibits offered at the museum. We encourage an Eco-friendly environment and seek to maintain that focus on the environment by obtaining contractors who believe in our vision. We strive to appeal to more than just the standard museum-goers and endeavor to have a beautiful exterior to accompany the lush, historical, and awe-inspiring interior The Natural History Museum provides.

Period of Performance

The period of performance for the landscape maintenance project is one year (365 days) beginning the first Monday in March. All work must be scheduled to be completed within this time frame. If there are any modifications or need for extensions, we will meet the first Monday and last Friday of each month to review progress and address any issues should they arise. All meetings will be held in the basement of the main hall and access will be provided to the selected contractor by our security staff. All extension requests by the contractor must be made within the first six months of the start of the project and all requests after the first six months will be rejected. If the work is not completed within the time frame agreed upon, including any and all granted extensions, a 10% reduction in price for the service will be incurred. The selected contractor may begin working as early as 6 AM and must end no later than 5 PM on working days only. Contractors must stick to a four day work week and will have access to work Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.

Place of Performance

The selected contractor for the landscape maintenance project will perform all...
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