Scope Creep

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Scope creep can be defined as tendency for the project scope to expand over time.It happens when the project gradually begins to shift from its original scope.Scope creep is commonly called the leading cause of project failure. A project manager often tries to manage scope creep.  The goal in managing scope creep is to try to minimize the impact of any changes on the project, such as on the timeline and cost. The best way to minimize scope creep is to define the requirements up front as thoroughly as possible.  Utilize different techniques such as prototyping and joint application development (JAD) sessions, to thoroughly explore and define the business and technical requirements. There are basically a number of ways scope creep can be managed. These include: 1. Rigid compliance with Project Management Process.

2. A good rapport with Project Stakeholders.
3. Active management of expectations.
4. Good initial estimating and planning.
5. Involve the customers in the earliest stages of the project possible. 6. The project should be a joint effort between the business units and I.T.  Decisions should be shared in such areas as approach, requirements, and vendor selections. 7.Divide the projects into phases, with each phase resulting in a release. This enables changes to be brought into the fold on subsequent phases more easily.  This also works well when time to market needs to be quick. 8.Achievable goals should be set.

9.Hold prototyping and JAD (joint application development) sessions between the business unit and I.T., to involve the user in a greater level of detail at an early stage.

Example of my scope creep is construction of a building. Initially the plan is designed as per customer requirements. The workers were assigned their duties and they started building the house. But once the construction is started and if customer wants to make any changes to the plan then it would result in a scope creep. When such situation arises builders will set up a...
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