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Scope and Limitations

By jamsp18 Mar 24, 2011 366 Words
ope and Limitation (by peter,stef,bless)

The study focuses on Calamansi as an alternative for lowering the blood pressure of pre-hypertensive people and aid hypertensive people on acquiring secondary complications on their current problem. The study will be conducted in Sampaloc, Manila with its inhabitants. The study involves a field-work, interviews on the townspeople and observations of their activities and lifestyle that may contribute to their existing problem. The study aims to lower the number of people developing persistent hypertension which can lead to heart attacks, heart failures, chronic renal failure and stroke. Even moderate elevation of arterial blood pressure leads to shortened life expectancy. Because of the increasing number of people having hypertension, this study will help them lower their chances of having more complications of hypertension and lower the chance of pre-hypertensive people on acquiring hypertension.

The selection of respondents are only limited to town residents, specifically, people living in the area of Sampaloc, Manila. The respondents are pre-hypertensive or hypertensive people living in the area. Respondents having blood pressure readings with a systolic pressure from 120 to 139 mm Hg or a diastolic pressure from 80 to 89 mm Hg will be considered pre-hypertensive, while, respondents having readings greater than or equal to 140/90 mm Hg are considered hypertensive.

The study will be conducted only for a month. During the four weeks, we will conduct the study by giving the people Calamansi and teaching them how to use it to lower their blood pressure. Then, after every week, we will check the result of the experiment. The observations will be done every week, with the use of a blood pressure measuring device or the Sphygmomanometer.

Our study does not offer a treatment for the problem. It will only help lower the chance of pre-hypertensive people acquiring hypertension itself and lower the chances of acquiring secondary complications for people with hypertension. The study does not involve giving drugs to the respondents. It is just an experiment to test If Calamansi could be an alternative for lowering the blood pressure of people with Hypertension.

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