Scoliosis: Different Doctors

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Scoliosis comes from a Greek word crooked. Scoliosis is a abnormal curvature of the spine. If you have scoliosis you are not alone, I have scoliosis too right with 1,000 other teenagers. I was diagnosed with Scoliosis in the 5th grade with a 30 degree curve, when the doctor told me I had scoliosis I thought my whole life was over. The doctor started talking about surgery and if I did have to have it, I couldn’t do competition cheerleading. Cheerleading is my everything, and when he said I couldn’t do it anymore I cried my heart out. My mom and my sister was being very supportive, they stood by me every step of the way. My mom sent me to chiropractors to help the pain of my back, and she sent me to different doctors but they all said the same thing. My mom did all of her best from keeping me from having surgery. As, I was getting older the pain and my curve was increasing. So as a family, we all decided that surgery was the best idea, because as you get older your bones start to get hard. The harder your bones are the harder the surgery recovery is and the higher the pain is, well for me. I am now fourteen years old and I am having the surgery. After the surgery I plan to do modeling and cheerleading. However, I am exempt to somethings in cheerleading. Don’t let anyone crush your dreams.
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