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Guidance Notes for Unit : SCMP3
Guidance for developing unit assessment arrangements – provided with the QCF unit Current and relevant legislation and policies as appropriate to UK Home Nation. Impact of professional relationships e.g.:

• power relationships
• dealing with an employed professional
• feelings of powerlessness
• uncertainties about how to behave and relate.
Equalities legislation as appropriate to UK Home Nation.
Additional unit assessment requirements provided with the QCF unit Learning outcomes 3 and 4 must be assessed in a realwork environment. Unit needs to be assessed in line with the Skills for Care and Development QCF Assessment Principles. Unit assessment guidance - provided by CACHE

Learning outcomes 3 and 4 must be assessed in real work environments by a qualified vocationally competent assessor. SCMP3 Professional practice in children and young peoples social care SCMP3-1.1 Explain how current and relevant legislation and policy affects work with children and young people. Current and relevant legislation and policies include:

EYFS 2014 – supports settings to deliver high quality integrated early educaitonOFSTED Welfare standards of care in EY framework
National guidance developemtal matters
Nutritional guidance Eat Better start better
SEN code of practice
Children’s Act 1986,2004, 2006
Safeguarding: set out principles to guard and promote welfare of children and young people Key functions that they set out is to achieve daily activities with the child to maximise their opportunities whilst minimising the risk In settings – management liaise with other professionals. All staff are trained and monitoring takes place to ensure procedures are in place and followed SCMP3-1.2 Describe the impact of social care standards and codes of practice on work with children and young people. SCMP3-1.3 Explain the importance of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC). SCMP3-2.1 Explain the responsibilities of...
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