SCMP 2 Promote The Wellbeing And Resilience Of Children And Young People

Topics: Youth, Childhood, Young, Humans, Elasticity, Bullying / Pages: 5 (1629 words) / Published: May 18th, 2015
Promote the Wellbeing and Resilience of Children and Young People

1.1 explain the factors that influence the wellbeing of children and young people There are many factors that influence the wellbeing of children and young people. Some of these are evident in Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.

A child should have the ability to have secure and nurturing attachments that offer emotional warmth and security from a care giver. This will offer security and safety to the young person. As well as secure attachments, the young person will benefit from having positive relationships with wider family and friends, these relationships can have a huge impact on the young person’s self-esteem. The young person should live in an environment that is clean and secure and that is fit for purpose. They should be allowed to have plenty of rest and sleep in a comfortable environment. Diet and exercise will also contribute to the overall wellbeing of a young person.

1.2 explain the importance of resilience for children and young people
Resilience is important to young people in order to grow and reach their full potential, it allows the young person the power to overcome difficulties, the skills and ability to comfortably communicate and the power to turn away from negative thoughts, feelings and emotions. It will allow a young person the confidence to adventure out of there comfort zone and explore new things.

1.3 analyse effective ways of promoting wellbeing and resilience in the work setting In our setting we promote well-being effectively through the use of sport and other physical activity. We have access to gyms and swimming facilities through local leisure centres and actively encourage young people to partake. For many young people this is effective as it allows young people to have a good feeling about them through positive self-image, however the problem with this arises when young people come into the home who do not have a positive self-image. Choices are promoted

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