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Topics: Humanitarian aid, Disasters, Humanitarian crisis Pages: 2 (531 words) Published: April 13, 2013
Title: ‘Discuss how response to a humanitarian disaster could be improved through vertical and horizontal collaboration between the various actors’ 1. PURPOSE

Firstly I will outline who the actual ‘actors’ involves in a humanitarian disaster are with the use of Kovács & Spens, 2007 diagram provided in our lecture notes. The whole idea of ‘Collaboration’ which has two separate dimensions: 1. Vertical collaboration i.e. between supplier sand customers along the supply chain 2. Horizontal collaboration i.e. between competitors and other supply chain participants

The potential benefits of such collaborations will be identified and investigated.

The role of the various actors involved in a humanitarian crisis situation including Governments, Non-Government Organisations and Aid Agencies.

My findings will highlight the importance of collaboration and the corresponding creation of synergy.

Field examples will be used to demonstrate the need for further research and the whole idea of “disparate actors” quoting Bayman et all, 2000 as well as Thomas, 2003 who highlights the lack of collaboration between the various actors.

The TNT partnership with WTF outlined in our lecture notes will also be scrutinised in order to see how effective it is especially in Darfur. (Moving The World Programme)

I feel the purpose as outlined in class will be addressed through the whole investigation of the dimensions involved in effective and efficient collaboration between the actors and the whole idea of ‘pre-positioning’ in the adequate areas which are most at risk. My approach as discussed above will be by the use of specific historic disasters which will include the use of a NORAD report from 2007 titled ‘Humanitarian Response to Natural Disasters: A Synthesis of Evaluation Findings’. Examples used in this report include the drought in Ethiopia which will form the main part of my investigation as well as Hurricane...
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