Scifi Essay - Cloning Technology

Topics: Organ transplant, Organ donation, Organ Pages: 3 (939 words) Published: May 5, 2013
Possible Future Issues With Cloning Technology
Davis L. Becker
Penn State World Campus

Imagine this scenario: you have become fatally ill on account of a damaged organ, and your only option for survival is to receive a compatible transplant – a compatibility that must pass an algorithm of complicated factors. Unfortunately, for thousands of people there is no need to imagine this dreadful situation. Their reality is the fact that they’re on an organ waiting list comprised of over 100,000 patients, those of whom are now at risk of becoming one of the 18 people who die each day because of the unavailability of a compatible organ (NA, 2012). Currently, the survival of these people relies greatly on the combination of technology and society.

Technologic advances in both the medical field as well as in our everyday lives have improved the possibility of organ transplants to occur. For example, the social networking site Facebook provided a Seattle man the opportunity to reach out beyond the conventional systems used for listing donors, and found a matching kidney by simply creating a page stating his circumstances (King 5, 2012). Yet, the people in our society that are willing to accept these risks of being a donor, must accompany this technology in order for it to be successful. Which brings to surface the problem that even with the ability to make everyone aware of your need for an organ transplant, you still need someone to volunteer and donate. Some of us may not have that confidence in the members of our society and require a much more stable insurance than that of the good will of others. What if you no longer had to rely on society and could instead use only technology to ensure a transplant is available?

In the 2005 movie, “The Island” that very question is answered as cloning technology became so advanced that wealthy individuals, or “sponsors”, could purchase a clone of themselves or their children to be used as “insurance” in the event...

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