Scientific Study of Personality Paper

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Scientific Study of Personality Paper
Melody Stevenson
August 27, 2012
Shawn Davis

Scientific Study of Personality Paper
* Personality is what defines a person and each person has a different type of personality. Personality is not easy to define for each person has a different opinion of what personality means and what defines personality. Psychologist defines personality by using conceptions that each person has in his or her life. “Personality is made up of characteristic patterns of thoughts, feelings and behaviors that make a person unique” (Cherry, 2012, p. 1) according to psychologist. Personality defines a person as a human being, it is one’s personal identity, which makes each person different from every other person. The scientific study of personality involves a set of variables, and scientists have found that social attractiveness is only one aspect of personality. Therefore, the definition of personality in terms of social attractiveness is inadequate to use as a fundamental theory of personality. When psychologists study personality they look at a number of factors: social attractiveness may be one of those factors but personality is more than social attractiveness. Socially attractive people differ greatly in terms of other personality factors such as emotionality, empathy, or self-confidence. Biological, genetic, and neurological factors may influence personality too. The definition of personality must take into account issues like a person's reactions, tastes, and communication styles, not just attractiveness. Social attractiveness is also a culturally-specific variable; what makes a person social attractive in one setting might detract from his or her attractiveness in another. Social attractiveness also can be difficult to measure and requires its own parameters of definition. What one person perceives as attractive, another might find repulsive. Moreover, social attractiveness depends on others' reactions to an...

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