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Topics: Scientific method, Hypothesis, Remainder Pages: 3 (777 words) Published: October 16, 2008
The Rolling Choice
A pillbug also known as a roly-poly is a small land creature that is often found in many areas around the world. They prefer moist areas often living in soil, under rocks, and dead logs. The pillbug which is an isopod begins its life as a tiny egg and as it grows it sheds its old exoskeleton 4 to 5 times. A pillbug consists of three basic body parts, the head, thorax, and the abdomen. Pillbugs eat decaying plants and animals as well as some living plants. The purpose of this experiment was to learn how to demonstrate the scientific method and to learn if pillbugs are attracted to cornstarch. In this experiment I hypothesize that if a pillbug is exposed to cornstarch and sand then the pillbug will spend more time near the cornstarch and repel from the sand.

The equipment used in the experiment consists of…
A wooden crate that was 2inches high, 8 inches long and 5 inches wide. The wooden crate was used to hold the pillbug and the substances being tested. •Two 5x2 cardboard pieces. The cardboard was used as a divider to separate the pillbug and substances. •One scoop of cornstarch

One scoop of sand
The experiment was conducted in five trials. The pillbugs attraction to the substance was measured by the amount of time within one minute the pillbug was in the substance. Inside the crate the sand was placed on the left side followed by a cardboard divider and the cornstarch was placed on the right side followed by a divider, leaving a neutral spot in the middle where the pillbug was placed for one minute after each trial.

In the first trial the pillbug was exposed to cornstarch. The second trial the pillbug was exposed to sand. The third trial the pillbug was exposed to both substances. The fourth trial the substances were switched to opposite sides and the pillbug was exposed to both. The final trial the pillbug was exposed to cornstarch. Trial One 8:46am-8:47am

The pillbug was exposed to cornstarch. The pillbug walked through the...
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