Scientific Miracles of the Holy Quran

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Scientific miracles in Quran

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Name: Nasir Ahmed Ayanleh
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Scientific discoveries:2
Time relativity:2
Ascending in the sky:3
The sky that returns:3

Scientific miracles in Quran
The miraculous nature of the Holy Quran lies mostly in the fact that it speaks to people from each time period with the language they understand. For example, the people in the holy prophet’s time were mostly Bedouin so they were spoken too accordingly. They were talked to in terms of camels, cattle, palm trees etc. Things they see and understand so that they believe. But the real miracle is that we read the same Quran today as they did, and come up with different understandings of the same subject. With the improvement of science, many discoveries have been made that was already in the Holy Quran. And with the steady scientific improvements, there is bound to be more scientific discoveries in the holy Quran. In this essay I will discuss few of the many discoveries in the Holy Quran. Scientific discoveries:

Time relativity:
The “relativity of time” theory is now an accepted scientific fact revealed by Einstein only in the beginning of the 20th century. This theory states that time is not absolute as people perceive it. Time is rather relative to the environment and factors like mass and velocity. This is shown in the following Quran verses: "He directs the whole affair from heaven to earth. Then it will again ascend to Him on a Day whose length is a thousand years by the way you measure." (The Qur'an, 32:5)

"The angels and the Spirit ascend to Him in a day whose length is fifty thousand years." (The Qur'an, 70:4)
"They ask you to hasten the punishment. God will not break His promise. A day with your Lord is equivalent to a thousand years in the way you count." (The Qur'an, 22:47)
These verses show that time is not absolute and it’s...

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