Scientific Methods

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Part 1

Ruben wants to determine if listening to different types of music will have an effect on a person’s pulse. His hypothesis states that if a person listens to rap music, their pulse will increase more than if they listen to other types of music. Ruben takes each participant’s pulse before, during, and after listening to 30 minutes of music. He has his mother listen to rock music, his sister listen to classical music, and his friend listen to rap music. From the data collected, he determined that rap music raises a person’s pulse the most.

1.Identify the independent and dependent variables in Ruben’s hypothesis.

The independent variable is listening to music for 30 minutes. The dependent variable is the persons pulse and the type of music their listening to.

2.Despite the results, this experiment is not able to support Ruben’s hypothesis. Suggest specific improvements that will make the experiment test the given hypothesis. Explain why these changes are improvements.

Improvements that will make the experiment test the given hypothesis is that he should have had each person listen to each type of music because their pulses would've been different.

Part 2

One scenario that could occur in life that you can use scientific method to solve the problem is if plants could grow taller when given Miracle Grow.

The first step in the scientific method is the purpose. In this case the purpose for our experiment is to see if Miracle Grow can help plants grow taller.

Second step is to find research on what other scientist have observed and discovered. Most scientist have said that using Miracle grow can help the plant grow taller.

My hypothesis is that plants will grow taller when given Miracle Grow.

Now testing hypothesis ..(experiment)
The constants in this study were: 
The type of plant.
The amount of water.
How often watered.
The environment grown in (light, temperature, wind, etc.).
The amount of fertilizer....
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