Scientific Method and Specific Dependent Variables

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01.03 Scientific Method
Scenerio 2
1. The specific independent variable in Katherine's investigation would be the amount of sunlight each plant will recieve, and the specific dependent variables would be the time of day and the water. 2. Five controlled variables in this investigation would be where she would place the plants, the type of plant she will use, the type of water she uses for each plant, the amount of water she uses per plant and the exact times she waters the plants in a day. Applying the Scientific Method to real life

Purpose: It is a very warm day during the fall and it is a long weekend due to a teacher work day at school. You are currently staying at a hotel near the beach and you cannot wait until you get to the beach and get into the water. As you get to the beach, you feel that although it is warm, it is very windy. So you begin to question whether the water is cold or warm. Research: Ask your family members for opinions on how they think the water temperature is going to be like. Hypothesis: 1. How bad does the weather affect the temperature of the water at the beach? 2. Does the weather even affect the temperature of the water? Experiment: Check the weather for the next 3 days and go to the beach and check the water. Analysis: Some possible results could be that the water can be often be affected by the weather. It can sometimes be really hot outside, but the water can be very cold. Conclusion: Just like the weather temperature varies, the water in the ocean can also vary, being affected by the weather in some ways.
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