Scientific Method and Short Science

Topics: Scientific method, Education, Knowledge Pages: 2 (495 words) Published: April 18, 2013
Do you know what is science?Generally, science is a body that seeks to organize knowledge systematically and in a way that is testable and that allow the process of prediction.We are always finding new discoveries, and we are using more modern tools that are more accurate.If it is in right hands then it is a blessing to man otherwise it can make life miserable.Science has made our live easy and comfortable but on other hands it has also created some destructive instruments which give much power to man that's why we should teach science technically not formally. first we will consider its merits .Science is man's helpmate.In the field of health modern techniques of science are being introduced.Difficult surgical operation have become routine in the field of is the science that has helped the blind to see,deaf to hear and lame to walk.Life has been quick,easy and luxurious with the invention of many types of machines i.e air conditioner,mixture,refrigerator etc.Invention of car,aeroplane and rockets etc have shortened the distance.Atomic energy is another recent scientific achievement.Atomic reactors are producing cheaper source of power and energy.The computer and internet has brought great change in our life.In short science is the key of success. On the other hand science has some demerits has provided us with fearful weapons of human destruction.Science has given us atom bomb and hydrogen bomb.These inventions have opened up with frightful possibilities of bacteriological warfare,all of which can wipe out entire nation in no time.Computer is the most wonderful invention but the misuse of computer is creating many problems like student waste their time in net cafe's and in playing video games.People are going away from healthy way of life. Children learn from their parents, siblings, other relatives as well as from teachers. They learn from movies, television, radio, magazines as well as from schoolbooks and the school environment....
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