Scientific Method and Inductive Argument B.

Topics: Scientific method, Null hypothesis, Inductive reasoning Pages: 3 (494 words) Published: May 6, 2013
RES/ 351
Business Research
Quiz I/ Week-4

Total Points: 12
Total Questions: 20
Allowable time: 90 minutes

Use black or blue font only for answer

1. Consider the following example: “Retail sales in the 2005 season were below projections. Sales were disappointing because consumers were not confident about economic growth.” This is an example of _____ a. X an inductive argument

b. ( an deductive argument
c. an empirical argument
d. ( an factual argument.

2. The acronym, RFP, stands for ____ and refers to the document used to invite research firms to propose ideas of addressing the research needs of the organization. a. X request for proposal

b. ( required frequency population
c. ( research firm proposal
d. ( recognition of problem

3. Consider the following statements: “Inner-city household interviewing is especially difficult and expensive. This survey involves substantial inner-city household interviewing. The interviewing of this survey will be especially difficult and expensive.” This is an example of ____ a. ( an empirical argument

b. ( an inductive argument
c. ( an exposition
d. X an deductive argument

4. In a restaurant complaint study, Dr. Jackson used deception to avoid biasing the participants. In this situation, what should Dr. Jackson do once the research is complete? a. ( Apologize

b. ( Pay the participants
c. X Debrief the participants
d. ( Seek psychological attention for the participants

5. Stages of research process comprised of:
a. ( Clarifying the research questions
b. ( Proposing research
c. ( Designing research
d. ( Data collection and preparation
e. ( Data analysis and interpretation
f. ( Reporting result
g. X All the above
h. ( None of the above

6. Primary data are gathered by...
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