Scientific Method

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Scientific Method Study of Plants


Biology 100



The Scientific Method is a series of steps used to basically form an opinion and test that opinion. The method steps include, observation, research, creating an educated guess, or hypothesis, testing that hypothesis, analyzing the test results, and recording the results as true or untrue. If testing of the hypothesis results in disproving it, the steps will begin again with a new hypothesis (Science Buddies, 2002-2012). One can easily follow the steps of the Scientific Method with a study of how plants respond to light.

To conduct an experiment regarding plants’ response to light one would first see that a plant is leaning one way or the other and make a guess as to why that is happening. My hypothesis is that the plant is leaning toward the light because it needs the light to grow. To test this theory I would buy twelve plants. I would place a group of three plants in the center of a closet with a grow light directly above them. I would place another three plants in a closet with a grow light to the left of them, and an additional group of three plants with a grow light to the right of them. I would place the final group of three plants in a closet with no light. Prior to placing the plants I would label and take pictures of each plant. I would record the length of each plant and its state of erectness. I would compare these measurements with the final measurements once the testing was complete after a period of one month.

During the testing period I would give each plant the same measured amount of water and take additional pictures and measurements. I would be careful to not move the plants though, to insure integrity and accuracy of the final results. I would keep a log for each plant to record growth, any changes in the erectness of the plant, any new growth, or any dying or decaying. Once the month of testing is...

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