Scientific Method

Topics: Science, Moon, Empiricism Pages: 1 (282 words) Published: September 23, 2014
2.7 How Simple Ideas Lead to Scientific Discoveries
1. Eratosthenes - On the summer solstice the sun shone directly over the well in Sayene. In Alexandra a stick cast shadow from from in the ground that measured to be 7.2 degrees. He also could determine the measurement in degrees how far apart were the cities. He assumed the sun rays were parallel. He also assumed the earth was a sphere because only a sphere can cast a circle shaped shadow like the Earth does on the moon. The distance between Sayene and Alexandra was 5000 miles. He used those two points and the distance between them to determine the diameter of the earth. From finding the diameter of the Earth he determined the circumference which he thought to be 25,000 miles.

2. Eratosthenes skipped the step of forming a hypothesis. He gathered information and started to experiment because of the information and measurement/ calculations he was given. Fizeau followed all the steps. You can still “do good Science” without using all the steps. As a scientist you are free to work as you please as long as you have conducted an experiment and have a reasonable conclusion with data to support it.

3. I do agree with Savage because experimenting or using the scientific method is something we all do. For instance, trying to figure out how long to heat up a hot pocket. If you overcook it at 5 minutes you will know the next time not to set it that long. In my opinion, the personality traits or habits of mind a scientist should have is to be reasonable, never be afraid to ask questions, never give up , and make mistakes !
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